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Robusta Awning

Do you want

  • Robust, simple operation?

  • Higher degree of wind resistance?

  • Up to 15000mm width?

  • Optional internal crank handle?

  • Optional electric motor?

Then the Barter Robusta is the awning you need.

The Barter Robusta is the "big brother" to the Barter Cassette. It is part of the same family of European awnings.

The arms contain strong springs to hold the fabric under tension so it will withstand a reasonable amount of wind.

All profiles are clear anodized aluminium extrusion.

The Barter Robusta will cover the entire window when fully extended, so, is suitable for a window which faces any direction but best of all for east or west facing windows

Operate by removable external crank handle, non-removable internal crank handle or electric motor.

Electric motors allow you to have automatic options such as timer, sun sensor, wind sensor or rain sensor.