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Timber Venetian Blinds

Do you want

  • A modern stylish blind?

  • Functional elegance with easy care?

Control the light with the versatile Barter Timber Venetian Blind.

The elegant and timeless solution to the problems of light control, ventilation and privacy.

Barter Timber Venetian Blinds offer a range of colours and options.

Tilt them just enough to see through and retain privacy or raise completely out of the way for maximum view and ventilation.

Barter Timber Venetian Blinds are easy to clean and operate. They are designed for a long life and are a decorative and practical addition to any room.

Timber Venetians are made from "Basswood" or "Red Cedar".

These are plantation trees that are grown specifically for timber blinds.

Basswood slats are finished in a Polyester lacquer. Because basswood is a naturally pale wood there is less colour variation between slats than for other timber species. Basswood slats are 50mm wide.

Cedar slats are given an oil or lacquer finish to enhance the grain and protect the wood. Cedar slats are 46 or 60mm wide.