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Miranda Pergola Awning

Do you want

  • Integrated Pergola and Awning

  • Low maintenance powder coated aluminium

  • Weatherproofing with optional glass panels

  • Maximum sun in winter - minimum sun in summer.

Then you need the Barter Miranda

The fabric roof retracts away from the sun in winter to maximize heat gain and extends to control the sun in summer.

The harsh environment in the Australian sun is very demanding. The Barter Miranda has been designed for maximum durability. All aluminium parts are powdercoated and all bolts are stainless steel.

The Barter Miranda is designed to operate at at various slopes--from horizontal to over 45o.

The rafters are supported on a matching beam and posts.

The Barter Miranda is only available with electric operation.

It is also possible for the space between the rafters to be glazed to allow the area to be used during rain with the fabric retracted or for low voltage lights to be installed.

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